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Account is currently restricted,,

my fiverr account is currently restricted. my all gigs is now denyed. i can not send message to anyone. can someone help me please how can i back it?


You need to look through your email and find why Fiverr banned your account.

But I’m pretty sure you know why already.


How many times you were warned for breaking Fiverr’s Rules?

3 times i have got warning

Read this:

Based on the article above it is unlikely that you will get your account back.

Only Customer Support can help you with this. We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Contact CS team.
You will be the Luckiest person on Fiverr if you get your account back!


As @asifimtiaz21 said above, if you have 3 warnings, there’s no way to get it back. Unless it was a mistake from Fiverr’s side.


3rd is the final warning, probably, so now you can only hope to get back your account.

As others have said, you’re probably not going to get your account back. You can ask CS for permission to re-open another one. Tell them you’re sorry and you’ve learnt your lesson. You’ll probably be told no, but it’s worth a shot.

Feeling sad about you. But can you tell us why you were getting warnings? What were you doing that went against the TOS?

its realy so sad… i want to help but its beyond my capacity

I think you should start with a fresh account.

Only if the Customer Support allows it, otherwise the fresh account will be banned.