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Account is dead after vacations. Need Help!


My account becomes dead after the vacations of more than one month. I did not activate the vacations mode but now when I came back the account is dead. All gigs were paused I just activate them.

I need advice from the guys out there that should I continue with this one or should I create another one by deactivating this current account?

Advises and Tips are appreciated!


1- Use BR (Buyers Request) Section to Re-gain Popularity
2- Create a couple of new GIGs
3- OR Just update old ones with interesting new features (or Bonuses)

You already are at Level 2 with this account which you shouldn’t give away. Patience and things should start rolling your way.

Creating a new account means you start from the scratch.

you are already achieved 2nd level.its a big have god reputation on should not start from scratch. Try to update your gig.


Creating new account wont help. just edit your gigs or make new ones

Thank you. Using Buyer Request and hoping for good results :slight_smile:

Thank you @pr_junction Yes I know that I have to start from scratch but I fear that if I put all the efforts on this account and it still did not go on the top like it was before then? Wouldn’t it be better to have a new account?

But Alright I now have made my mind to continue with this one for at-least one more month.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thank you @brady_bear. Yes its a big achievement. I will continue with this one. Hoping for best

Thank you @waterlemon. Yes I am gonna make some new gigs with videos and will start working on this again for one month and will see the results.

Add a new gig as mentioned above or look through your current gigs to see what features are selling and what are not. Change stagnant features by either changing the cost/# days or maybe choose a different “extra” to include in that gig.

If you are inactive on Fiverr for a certain days, Fiverr sends you an e-mail telling to follow a link in order to keep your GiGs enlisted in Search. Have you missed that?

This bit of data is completely new to me and I’ve been trying to make this work since December. I get an email from Fiverr once in a while… didn’t see anything in there that seemed to apply to me. Can you please explain more about this? Thanks!

you need to re-promote your gigs, the best way to promotion is use social media and also send offer in BUYER REQUEST AND give some extra bonus services to attract new buyer. thanks

This has been happening to me for years. (Although, earlier this year I had the strongest sales ever the week after coming back, go figure…)

What I have done, that seems to work, is to go in and edit your gigs a bit. Change up the keywords, modify the title a bit, make some changes to the description. It seems to kick-start getting you back into the listings again because the algorithms have to re-evaluate where to put your gig in the listings.