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Account is disabled

I am trying to access my old Fiverr account but I am getting an error that my account is disabled. I had good reviews from clients and was a top seller in brochures but I got busy for some time and didn’t log in. Now after a few months, I am trying to log in but can’t access. I even sent the support team an email but still facing the error. I am posting this question from my newly created account. Kindly help me in this regard.
Thank you.

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it would have been disabled due to inactivity

check the email that is attached with your old fiverr account …If they have disabled your account for any reason they should sent email about that …And you can contact fiverr cs with your old email…

Do not create multiple account.At first get the information why your account has been disabled …

@bestintheword fiverr never disable any account for inactivity …

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