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Account is restricted for verification


My account is currently restricted for verification failed. I have tried to verify my account many times using my phone with my high-quality photo and National identity card, I don’t know why it not working on the phone. or its a bug? please help me. i opened a ticket yesterday about to let fiverr customer support know i am facing this problem on my phone when trying to verify and i got a reply that verification process only can be possible on phone and not to send photos and national ID to customer support. Now how can I verify my account?. Is there anyone who is facing the same problem?. please help me to show me a way to unrestricted my account. I would be glad



Check this out:

Also check out:


I read the article before and i applied and maintain all things.


Their verification system is not working. Having exact same issue.


verification system can not be an issue
The phone number you provide is not confirmed
Please try another phone number


I think the OP is referring to ID verification rather than phone verification.

It does seem to be an ongoing problem for some users.


I am also having the problem with verifying ID. Actually yesterday I got that pop up of verifying ID. But when i clicked on it to verify, it shows you have tried multiple times so your account is restricted, but I have not tried even single time to verify my account yet, then how they are saying that I have tried multiple times. That’s a mistake from fiverr side. Please help.