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Account is temporarily disabled

Your account is temporarily disabled.
what can i do now???

What do you mean by this post?

contact directly to custom support from main page of fiverr
I hope you may solve your issue by contacting customer support

You could try or too.


I will contact fiverr Customer Care. I will follow their instructions later.

What will that achieve?

If they’ve disabled an account, it’s for a reason. There’d be no point in disabling an account if you’re just going to re-enable it because the seller asked you to.

@nazmulkoushik Why did they disable your account? They always give a reason and it’s usually because of a breach of ToS.

“What to do now” – Don’t break the ToS again.

very true

it’s a temporary disable according to him, so may be his luck works by approaching them. But if he went against the TOS, Fiverr always stick with their principles.

But what I believe, he already had a “No”, who knows by knocking the door he got “yes”. :slight_smile:

If it’s temporarily disabled because of a failed ID verification, there was no rule breaking, and CS is very likely to help.


Thank you @catwriter, I myself had same thinking. That’s why I just try to guide him by giving a direction.