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Account issue Your account is temporarily disabled

i am working here from 2k12 , 99.5% 5 star rating(700+ reviews) , no argument with any of my client during 8 years . yesterday i sudden got my account is temporarily disabled. all my orders are cancelled (big amount was there ) . not sure why , support isn’t respond .

can you please explain issue and help me on this.



You would normally have received a notification explaining the reason why this happened.


You should check your mail address,surely you received an email with the reason

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This message is to let you know that our system disabled your Fiverr account for violations of our Terms of Service and our policies.

Due to your account being disabled, you cannot log in or withdraw any funds you may have.
If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from now, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw.

Trust me i have 8 year experience , i know all TOS , now my clients are messaging me but i am not able to respond them

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seems incomplete to me,usually there is a clear reason

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this is only mail i got , even support told me to continue work with ongoing projects . but actually they are cancelled

Hello Same problem here, except mine is temporarily disabled !!!
I have received same email,
all of my orders were canceled as well, customer support said that they cant intervene the trust and security team, and they just said this to me and now they are not responding, I have asked them if they can give me a time frame so I could wait for that period of time but They said everything’s in trust and security team’s hands and they cant give my any solution to problem,
and all this happened 4 days ago!!! from this date

any body have any suggestions?

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its so hurting.
may be any unauthorized person used your account , any hacker or any friend and posted something which is not allowed. try to contact the support team and ask them to help.

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What services were you selling? That may be where the problem lies.

All you can do really is contact Customer Service and ask them to specifically let you know what TOS you broke.


That’s very odd! One would think they’d give a reason for it. But as they are saying their system disabled your account, it sounds like an automated process and not even they might know haha. And automation is not as perfect as what a human could do, so it sounds like a mistake to me.

So customer support will clear it up for you. I remember someone else also mentioning getting their gigs disabled, and suddenly they were back. So probably another accident.

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i am wordpress developer , selling all gigs for wordpress

i am not sure , if hacker attack then its not my fault at all , also if some one post something it should appear on profile either in inbox or else where , so nothing like that in my profile .

i contact them 4 times , but they close ticket after 2 3 replies .

check carefully you will get 2 mails , one for account disabled and one for temporary disable ( )

same experience as of you , they close ticket without responding

The screenshot is irrelevant without the full message

here you go

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Yeah, that’s correct,
first I received a mail for disabling my account by the system
then a mail about my orders are canceled
after that, there is a mail that the disabled status is changed to temporary disabled, and now the account is showing temporarily disabled bar upside, there wasn’t any specific reason in the mail, but a general message that our system has detected something so we are temporarily disabling it
I have contacted them several times,
only first time they had assigned a human and she said that its not in customer supports hand and the trust and security team will review it and she said that she cant intervene

its been 8 days now and still waiting, all my other help requests are ignored and still open and they are not responding

I have received same mails that you showed in video with same messages in it!!!
and i was also selling a website development related services , not WordPress but shopify

Buying and Selling Reviews is not allowed on Fiverr. As per my research, I see some of the messages sent to a person named “Arjun” who was earlier holding the account on Fiverr. I think that account is no longer available on Fiverr. Yours is disabled as well. I do see a username “bansalde****a” as well.

Please let the seller’s community know that you are not holding multiple accounts on Fiverr and you are not involved in review manipulation.

As per my research based on the material shared on this forum: Your account’s activity seems very suspicious.

Anyways, do keep us posted.

hey can we have call ?