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Account Level Change (Mod Note: The Title was Changed since the Account is not Suspended)

My fiverr level has been down from “level one” to “no level” . Now I do not have sufficient buyer request to send. For long time i do not have any job to do. How i can back my account again? How i can send necessary buyer request.


promote your gig on social media

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Bring in external clients to improve your rating

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I can’t understand what you mean?

You’ve probably done some projects outside of Fiverr, right?
If so then reach out to an old client, offer your service and if they agree to purchase your service then suggest doing it through Fiverr.

You can’t ask for a positive review, but an old client is more likely to give you a review.
Once you get enough reviews to get over 4.8 average you’ll get your level back and you can use buyers request again.


I did not any project outside of fiverr.

@pickmygig I’m sorry to hear that you have dropped in levels. This definitely will affect what you will see in Buyer Requests. But you have to try to find other methods and getting buyers. You have try some of these tips here: No orders? Try these ideas! Don’t give up!. I hope things will turn around for you soon. All the best!

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Don’t do this. If you want an account warning or worse. Fiverr will look at it as spam!

@pickmygig Your title says account suspension but your account is active. :thinking:


same happens here, i hope solve

Your last review is from over a year ago.

Maybe you’ve been on holiday? All you can do is to keep your gigs active and hope someone orders, so that you get enough good feedbacks etc. to go back up to level 1.

Promote outside Fiverr if you can as well. :sunny:

Marketing your gig in socila media,fb,twitter,linkdin, etc