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Account on new laptop

Hi, recently I bought a laptop from my friend to use my Fiverr account on it as my old laptop had RAM issues . But he told me that he also had Fiverr account on that laptop one year ago, now can I log in my Fiverr on that laptop? As I heard we can not log in different accounts on one device.
What should I do now?
Thanks in adance.


Hi, It will be better fo you to inform this matter with CS.

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okay, Thank you I will. :slight_smile:

If I was you, I wouldn’t risk doing this. Maybe (if it is compatible) swap thr RAM from your old laptop into your new one?

If you have no other option but to use this device, make sure to completely reinstall the OS and contact Fiverr to get confirmation that there won’t be a problem before starting work. For the most part, it is unusual these days for different individuals on a global marketplace like Fiverr, to be seen to be using the same device.

If I was you, I’d consider investing in a completely new device or a repair of your old one.


You should be okay if you use the laptop on a different IP from your friend and reinstall your OS, etc. RAM is random access so it doesn’t store anything after a reboot. It is always safest to ask Support as well, or just inform them, but they are only concerned with multiple accounts on one IP.


Thank you Cyaxex, I’ll try to fix my old one first if I could.

Sure I’ll ask them and thank you so much for your response.

You will contact the fiverr support center and tell them all.It will be ok.
But first you login your fiverr support center not your account?