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Account permanently closed for communicating outside of Fiverr

Hi. My account was permanently closed for communicating outside of Fiverr. The reason was very vague and undefined.

I had logged in to my and I got the following message.

I managed to take a screenshot before I clicked confirm. Thereafter I was locked out. When contacted Support I was told that I had resorted to communication outside of Fiverr (which they say is a severe offence). I admitted to it. So they say that because of the severity of my actions they did not resort to giving FIRST WARNING and immediately deleted my account.

Now, , when it comes to me communicating outside of Fiverr, I only did it to get clarity on what was required. My intentions were just to just get clarity and not do business outside. I make Corporate films, and I am new to Fiverr. I did not read the guidelines properly. I was still getting used to getting work on Fiverr and acclimatizing myself to this new platform.
Before this, I delivered a project wherein I skyped with a user to teach her the basics of photography. Isn’t this also a violation, too? If I am not allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr then I should not be allowed to teach the basics of Photography over ■■■■■ too, right?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

When someone do something which they are not supposed to do, you either get warning or account block based on what a user did. Same happened with you.

It’s allowed if your gig is about teaching via, and if you got the permission from Customer Support to do it. Otherwise, it would be a violation, and you communicating outside of Fiverr for the second time (the case you admitted) was repeating the same violation. Users get banned for that.

All the communication (including getting clarity) must go through Fiverr.

That’s what a lot of people say after getting banned. It doesn’t help them.

You can try apologizing to Customer Support, promising never to do it again, and asking them for permission to open a new account.


Hello, why not communicate in the fiverr message box? That’s why it’s there.
Fiverr is strict about that rule as you found out.
And they are serious about the terms of service.
After all they don’t want to have people accepting payments outside of fiverr, which many people do if they also communicate outside of fiverr. That makes sense, right?


They could have, but after investigating your case, they’ve decided not to.

I should have seeked persmission for doing Sk ype chats as well? Also why am I not able to type sk.ype as a word?

You totally make sense. But I am also new to this platform and getting used to it. Could they not have given me a warning because I’m new?

Yes, you should have.

You might have noticed gigs offering tutoring via Sk.ype. Those sellers all had to ask for permission to create those gigs. Also, Any kind of communication outside of Fiverr is only allowed if it’s strictly necessary to deliver the service (for example, if you’re offering tutoring via Sk.ype, you can’t do it without using Sk.ype; however, clarifications and explanations and guidance on using something can be provided through Fiverr’s messaging system, so in those cases, permission is unlikely to be given).

It is to prevent people from sharing personal contact details on the forum.

I don’t know their thinking on that. All I can tell you is that I’ve never once felt I had to talk to anyone outside of the fiverr message system. I’ve never seen any need or reason to do that. It just seems obvious. It’s an excellent system.


Hi. Sorry to hear that.
One should always learn well the terms of services prior to signing up not only on Fiverr but everywhere on the web. That can save you from lots of trouble and disapointments.

But, to look at the bright side, there is a very positive aspect in this rule (the forbidden communication outside of Fiverr rule). That rule is precious for your protection. This way hopefully no buyer can ever scam you. Because if you start conversations and deals outside of Fiverr you risk to get scammed.

all the best

What are the other Do’s & Don’ts I need to keep in mind when using FIVERR

The very same Terms of Service that you have accepted when you signed up:


Al you need to do is to read terms of service :woman_shrugging: That you already signed and ticked the box that you read and understood it.


The problem is, you’re asking what rules you should avoid breaking, when it looks like you’ve already broken a pretty major rule by creating a second account. If your original account (the one from your screenshot) was banned permanently, why are you now messaging from a brand new account?

Fiverr CS are pretty good at spotting duplicate accounts, and bans usually affect your IP range, so before you put too much time and effort into building a new account, keep in mind that this one, when detected, will probably also get banned.


Great point!

@strangesadhu, did you get the permission from Customer Support to create a new account? If not, your account is likely to get banned (and no, it doesn’t matter if you’ve only created this account to post on the forum, when people are banned, it’s because Fiverr doesn’t want them on the platform).

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The reason I ask these questions is because I have concerns over how Fiverr is operating. When asked one of the CS reps said and i quote: “Sadly, users with a disabled account are not allowed to make new accounts :/”. Even serious criminals are given second chances. @cubittaudio you may be taking FIVERR’s side in this case… tomorrow when you break a rule do you think they’ll spare you?

And not giving second chances is a Monopolistic and dictatorship attitude. Like I said even criminals are given 2nd chances and warnings before penalized.


But you ignored this, and did it anyway? So now, when a CS rep looks at your next complaint of unfairness, they’ll see the original rule you broke, and now this second rule that you broke.

Not a valid argument. If you steal from a shop, your ‘second chance’ is that it’s assumed that even if you go to jail, you won’t be there forever. But the shop you stole from is well within their rights to deny you from shopping there, forever. They’re a private business, and can choose not to allow you custom, because they don’t want people who break important rules in their store.

Fiverr is no different. And yes, I defend them, because I conduct a serious business here on Fiverr. Part of that serious business was learning the rules before starting business. Asking about the rules now is like closing the stable door when your horse is already 100 metres away in the distance…

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That depends on the crime. If it’s a serious enough crime, you go to prison, you don’t get a warning first.

Fiverr is a privately owned company. If someone kicks you out of their house because they don’t want you there, would you think it’s ok (or legal) to try to sneak back in just because you want to?

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