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Account permanently disabled, due to email use in two accounts!

One of my friends got his account permanently disabled. The reason according to Fiverr staff, was that I used his email on more than two accounts. But he is 100 % sure that he didn’t do that. After contacting the support center, they gave the same answer, without any further explanation. Also after several times of contacting, they gave the same answer again and again.
How is this possible to happen?

Thank you in advance


Read TOS . Only way to do. Also, I think we can’t reply these messages. Please kindly read TOS and. We can’t use use two accounts in same computer. I think that is reason.


where can I read TOS?

I found it, thank you!

Maybe your friend should also read them if he or she hasn’t.


I’ll tell him, sure :blush:

When you and your friend signed up for Fiverr you both ticked the box that said you read TOS, and yet you ask where they are. :wink:


You used his email? On more than two accounts? :thinking:

Can you say how many accounts exactly?

It must be nice to have friends willing to fight their battles. :muscle: :mechanical_arm:

Anyway, friend of the disabled account. The people on this forum can only speculate. There are 2 and sometimes 3 sides to a story.

Fiverr do not ban/disable accounts for fun. There will always be a reason(s) from them to take action. I’ve had a telephone discussion with a person from the Dev team. They give people many opportunities to right the ship :ship: before they give a person the boot.

One advice to give your friend, tell him to not create a new account without getting permission from Fiverr.


:eyes: Wow how did that happen? :open_mouth:

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It happened last year sometime, they offered a few selected Sellers to one-on-one phone call. I think I talked about it on the forum, most likely created a thread when the call happened.


@nikavoice It’s that sexy voice of yours! :lips:

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LOL oh my goodness. I’ve heard that many times. :sweat_smile:


Were both of that accounts passing the id verification process ? Or one of them ?

Regardless off which it was it is against Fiverr’s TOS for one person to have mire than one account! Plus, you just replied to a thread that is over a year old. Many of the people in this thread do not even come to the Fiverr Forum anymore. And that includes the original poster.