Account phone verification bug


I put in the wrong phone number for phone verification and now i get a “come back in 48 hours” message every time i try it again even after 48 hours. I need to change my phone number on my account so i can send the code to that instead and verify my account. I am stuck on the come back in 48 hours notification at the moment and i’m pretty sure my verify countdown finishes soon which means i wont be able to sell on fiverr. please help me!!!


contact customer service and let them know you need to change your phone number for the verification.


already have, they are hopeless


has it been 48 hours since you did it? It takes a day or two. At Fiverr, you really need patience.


well they say u can change your phone number at any time in account settings but i have looked thoroughly on my computer and i cant see it


You can change your phone verification details from here:
Settings>>Security>>Phone Verification>>Edit>>Security Answer>>Move On


I have completed this step without any bug.


For me there is only a verify now button next to phone verification under settings. When I click it it does the cone back in 48 hours notification even after 48 hours


That’s unfortunate. At this point, I cannot suggest anything except Contacting CS with screenshots.


I have a Same problem to verify my phone.


Delete cache.

Try also from a mobile browser, it worked for me.