Account Picture Issue



I have been trying to upload my account picture correctly (the circle one) for the past two hours. Every time I upload, an algorithm stretches and squeezes it in an extremely “smart” way. I’m pretty sure it’s actually analyzing the picture data and manipulating the aspect ratio to make it fit the way it thinks is best.

But it never gets it right. I want to be able to set the AR myself and not be told what’s right by this stupid algorithm. So I spent an hour trying to trick it by feeding a vast array of different resolutions, aspect ratios, versions with the foreground squeezed and the background stretched, with different parts of the foreground cropped, etc. And I finally ended up with something that was halfway presentable. So I hit “Save”.

And guess what.

Another algorithm. An even smarter one.

So then I got to work on outsmarting that one, but found that it was so ridiculously sophisticated that it was actually looking for faces and zooming in on them. So I tried feeding it an image with a bunch of different sized faces. And so it zoomed in on the largest one, which happened to be all the way on the left part of the image. So then I tried feeding it a bunch of really tiny faces. So it zoomed in on a random one who knows where.

And so I am left without ANY ABILITY WHATSOEVER to frame my main account photo the way I want.

There has got to be a way of manually overriding this insanity.

Please help.


Can you Attach the image you are uploading… :slight_smile:


The one with orange shows what it would ideally look like and the next is the original.


Here is the original.


I really wouldn’t worry about it - I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing with your time! It’s only seen as a tiny picture anyway.


The dimensions need to be square. You’re trying to upload a rectangle into a square space. The image gets squashed as a result.

Make sure the image you are uploading is square, and the imagine will look like it should. :wink:


Did you try the original one?

Do not try and create the circle by yourself, instead reduce width or height of the rectangular image and check to see if it gets centered appropriately.

You can visit my profile to see how my image was done.

As Jon above me said, the image needs to be a SQUARE.


If you upload this and end up with the squashed thing I have as my picture now, then there is an algorithm somewhere trying really hard to be “smart”. And like I said, I experimented with 50,000 different resolutions and aspect ratios. The original I uploaded is try #67 of 50,000.


Try reducing the origional image’s size .
500 x 300
300 x 200
400 x 300
and try one by one.


LMAO… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



It’s not updating over here, but I think the square worked. Apparently the algorithm knows how to detect a face but doesn’t know how to crop off a few outlying pixels.



If you wanted to get the the gun fingers in, this was probably a blessing.

I know the problem’s pretty much fixed right now, but I wanted to touch on something you said: [quote=“free_parking, post:1, topic:101941”]
it was so ridiculously sophisticated that it was actually looking for faces and zooming in on them.

Isn’t that the case with most places these days? Until the trend for rounded profile pics moves on to 3D holographic avatars (poking finger would be OUT with those, I feel. Unless it’s that kind of website). If it gets much more focus,ed I will be forced to make a smiley face on my pepper as I’m not getting any younger!

If not holo3D, maybe forced video. There are many dystopian tech futures out there, gun-fingers.


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