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Account Reactivated! - GIGS Gone And Orders Cancelled!

Hello, Everyone,

I am writing this with a heavy heart! I don’t know what to do or where to start from but ill try to explain

I was working like normal on a Sunday when suddenly after my lunch i get these notification and email from FIVERR that My orders got Cancelled and also I got demoted from level (I am a level 2 seller and already had a demotion because Fiverr thought I was contacting someone because of my only running facebook gig which needs access and I ask everything on order page only like invite access via email id - Which the recommended me)

Now I was panicked and I didn’t know what to do they were well over $150+ orders and I was sweating like anything I email CS and they replied me back quickly that my account has been restoring it was done my MISTAKE as I explained to them I have not and will not contact anybody outside of giver!

Now I was happy and when I logged in it all turned into a bad dream my GIG GONE!

My order canceled ( which I thought will restore GONE)
My customers are angry on me because of they thought I canceled and bailed on them!

I am really sad devastated and confused PLease can anyone HELP in this!


Sad to read. Sorry for your loss. I hope someone can help.

Yes even my gigs are redirecting to the main page my 4 active customers are like bailing on me I am losing business every minute and don’t know what to do

My link and Nothing it like disappeared with 150+ reviews 5 stars on it!

You have to specifically ask them to restore your Gig FAST! It’s still there for a few days.

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I saw your gig in your profile it’t still active


Yes, its back online! but i am still devastated 8 cancellations in 1 single day $200 revenue LOST! just like that and for some on them, work was either done or halfway thought! i just don’t know what to do now i don’t want a high cancellation rate and neither want any of this to affect my gig!

You have your email address in your gig picture for the Facebook ads gig. Fiverr could remove your gig for that. Or your account.


Your buyers would just need to re-order. Since most or all of your gigs are related to 3rd party social media it’s amazing that Fiverr left your gigs active.

I’ve never heard of them being able to.“uncancel” a canceled order so I donate think staff can help you more. You’ll be lucky to keep the social media gigs up. If your buyers aren’t willing to order again after any cancellations you may have to move on.

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Hey yea that’s just a temporary picture im using for my gig i have a
different picture but because im demoted temporary so that’s why it created
no issue as fiverr Cs told me to clearly state in gig and FAQ section that
i need access and i will require it they even gave me an example so i just
saw that person gig and made changes :smiley:

But the issue is different here they said that it was done “By Mistake” so
that got me confused :frowning:

Yup! I apologised to them and told to reorder and most of them are doing it
thank you so much for the help the forum is really supportive :slight_smile: