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Account Restrction

My Fiverr account got restricted around 10 days ago and I still wait for a Fiverr decision.

This was my 3rd warning which says you I have tried to gain an unjust edge by contacting potential customers, while I only asked my previous customers if they needed any other work. I am still not convinced as to how keeping in touch with your previous customers goes against the Fiverr TOS when the Fiverr terms of service explicitly encourage self-promotion and also ask sellers to spread their gig links as well.

However, in any way, it doesn’t give me any unfair advantage towards other sellers and it is perfectly natural for previous customers to come to the same seller, and that represents the quality of work and says a lot about the Fiverr service to have great freelancers.

Even the second warning that I received was wrongly given and the Fiverr team didn’t take back the warning.

What are my chances of getting my Fiverr account back?

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You must have missed this part of the TOS:

Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

Slim to none.


That’s really helpful.


What is really helpful? :thinking:

Are you saying it is helpful that the original poster has a slim to none chance of getting his gig back? :scream_cat: