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Account restriced!

Fiverr just restricted my account at 2 May and told me to contact with them within 45-90 days and I did that. When I contact with them they told me to send passport or any Government issue ID card. I send a passport scan copy. They told me via FB fanpage it is not match with their record with my paypal account. But I didn’t add any paypal in my account. I try to contact with them several times but without giving answer they mark my ticket as SOLVED. Continuously they are doing that without giving any answer. I have almost $600 in my account. My 2 friends also facing this same types of problem and they have One:$700 and another: $1400.

I have tried to make understand them that I didn’t add any paypal account, but they don’t respond my ticket. So let me know my fiverr seller friends, what should I do now??? I want your help.

This is my inactive account. Please Friends help me. Hope you will do a little bit help for me!!!

Thanks Everyone!!!

That is really scary. I don’t know how many times I read on the forum something similar to your situation. What I find scary is that Fiverr does not respond. Why?

Thanks all…

I didn’t add any paypal and still I am getting email notification @kjblynx. I sent my email notification screenshot. But they don’t respond with me. When I open any new ticket after some hours/minutes they mark my ticket as Solved. But in general when we open any ticket they took 3-7 days or more!!! They restricted my account 2 May and I were some active order. May be they have stolen my money!!!

Please can anyone help me to withdraw my available revenue. I have heard that top rated seller can help in this situation. So if you have any friend who top rated seller please try to help me. I will be very grateful with you!!!

No TRS can help you. I am a bit confused. When I go to your fiverr account/gigs, I have no problem so not sure what you mean by restriction. Maybe you are not explaining it correctly.

But I still think it stinks that fiverr CS just closes your ticket and doesn’t try to help. This is not the first time I read on the forum about someone trying to get help from CS and it is ignored. That really scares me.

@Steveeyes you are doing mistake. This is not my active account that I have gotten restricted. Fiverr just de-index this account a few months ago and I opened new account to work in fiverr. But to discuss here I am using this account as I can’t login my restricted account.

Ok I understand now. I wish I could help but there isn’t anything I can do. For that matter, no one on the forum can help you. We don’t have the power, not even TRS.

Sorry this is happening to you.

Okay @steveeyes, Pray for me!!!

Thanks for your great time :slight_smile: