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Account Restrict issue

Hi Fiverr users , **
** My fiverr account is restrict and under reviews so please tell me anyone how many days will it take to reopen account ?

Nobody on the forum has the answer to that question as we are just buyers and sellers.

You will just have to wait for the answer from Customer Support.


yeah i was contact CS , but did not any specific time schedule :frowning:

As @lloydsolutions said, nobody on the forum can know for certain how long it will take. Also, there’s no guarantee that your account will be reopened. It could get permanently banned, depending on why it was restricted.


Ohh really , but i have running account , and yes the issue is that one of my buyer returning money through fiverr after receiving order he markup with 5star excellent reviews plus give me tip as well … and next day returning amount and its 3rd time … i don’t know why i have all clear chat and all just wait for reopened now :frowning:

Hi, its really sad to hear about your account. I don’t want to demotivate you but same thing happened with me and it took more than 6 months and still it was under review. There is no specific time line so you better present your case to customer support and if they don’t agree then you might end up getting your account blocked. Good luck

Its really sad , but i am sending many emails of CS and they response me immediately and said me account under reviews and inform me after final decision .