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Account Restricted and not getting any response

hi there to all, I was a professional graphic designer with 6 years of experience, I recently came to Fiverr, My expertise were t-shirt designing and making illustrations , Well it was a very good start, I just earned 2500$ in my first month with 4.9 rating, 100% response rate, 100% on time delivery, 99% order completion, with 75 reviews and 90 orders completed and in that time I made some mistake, My first mistake was to send a message to a friend with random words that went into spam and I received a warning for it, than later on one of my client posted a wrong review by mistake, he asked me to change it, I said I couldn’t you should as CS team for it, then I received my 2nd warning for it, Recently I made a purchase from a Fiverr from some new seller and I don’t know after completing the order his account got blocked and Fiverr sent me third warning and my account got restricted, They said its restricted.
now the problem is that I have all potential and returning buyers with me, who are contacting me through other mediums and asking what happened to my profile. I just want to be there as soon as possible.
I contacted CS about this, they said they can’t tell that how much gonna time does it take, Now anyone please can tell me till when they will open my account, I am scared I have read some threads which say that it even take months**, I have worked day and night very hard to achieve it and I don’t want to lose it,** Please anybody can just tell me what I should do now.

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We can’t, I’m afraid. We’re all just buyers and sellers here. Fiverr doesn’t consult us when it comes to matters like these.

Please anybody can just tell me what I should do now.

You’ll just have to wait and be patient. Hope for the best. There’s really nothing else you can do now that won’t make the situation worse.

I hope you hear some good news soon.

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Thanks yeah hope so, like I earned so much, I left my job to work full time on this and now this happened, wasn’t expecting it, atleast a big platform like this should not work on assumptions they should provide a time frame to approve the review

The only suggestion I could give you is to start looking for a job.