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Deeply disappointed with Fiverr, I am here from last few months, have excellent reviews, 100% order completion, On-time.
Yesterday, I got a notification to verify my ID, by sending a pic of my ID and a selfie.

I did, as told. Provided image of my Driving License, which is acceptable as per Fiverr’s instructions.
But, they are asking again and again, that they cannot verify my ID, I tried three times, thinking it to be some technical glitch,
But now they have restricted my account because they can not verify it.
Never expected this from Fiverr. This is truly not professional.
We are providing the best service, that is why more buyers are turning towards Fiverr, and they just have no respect for sellers, man!
What if someone closes all their servers one day.


maybe you tried to use 2 accounts from one IP/computer, and they asked you to verify your ID just to make sure than you are the one using your account and they want to make sure that you don’t have 2 accounts since it’s against ToS!


Have a look at this thread here - it might be of help:

If it doesn’t work, your only solution is to contact CS.

@saaddennis - ID verification’s being rolled out across users - there’s no suggestion the OP, or anybody else who’s been asked to verify their ID, has done anything wrong.


No, I was using just one account, and I got this notification, that as per new policies, all sellers have to verify their identity… and all…
It is their system’s glitch, that it is not able to identify a valid ID, it is so sad that, my business have to suffer for that.

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Thanks, it is a nice success theory, but I didn’t have any option to select from the profile. My Driving license picture was pretty clear, and just by their outdated AI application, I got a reply that we can not verify this ID, try IDs in our provided list.

Their list have Driving license in it.
Why Fiverr is so insensitive about sellers, who are providing pretty good services to their buyers.


@rajansharma2610 Have you contacted support? What was their response since I am kind of in the same situation and I don’t know what I am going to do?

You have to wait for their response, they gave me another chance to verify my ID. I completed it by using my passport. Driving license, though mentioned in their list of documents, is not getting accepted.

@rajansharma2610 was your account restored afterwards?

Yes, but it damaged my gig rankings, make sure you resolve the issue ASAP.

The system accepted your passport and selfie or did support manually verify your I.D.?

Yes, it was verified in just few seconds,

Wow. Good for you.And what about the smartphone that you used? and the headshot because I guess this is one of the reasons for my troubles?

what was your submitted document?

I am from Kenya. I have first submitted my kenyan identity card and a headshot of myself. The system has rejected them. I have tried again, now with my passport and a headshot but still the system has rejected them stating that it could not match my photo with that on my identification documents. Finally, I have resubmitted my the passport with a clear picture of my headshot and my account has been restricted. No reason given

You should contact customer support, and ask them to manually verify your ID, if their system is not able to. It is not your fault, if their system sucks.

I have already sent them a message and I am waiting for their response. I have done a lot of research on the matter and I haven’t found any case where they have verified documents manually. I don’t know whether they have that option but it will be so sad if I am unable to sell through account yet I have never even gotten a TOS warning. I had began building quite a portfolio of clients that I have a potential to lose if this issue is not sorted out well. I hope they will be reasonable.

Did you go through the entire post that smiler3d had tagged earlier?

If you read the entire post carefully, you will notice that I have given several tips on how to succeed in the ID verification process (such as increasing brightness, improving contrast by using a plain white sheet, using diffuse lighting, etc). I hope you are able to implement these techniques to succeed in the ID verification process (if at all you get another chance).

Good luck! :snowflake:

Exactly, this new feature is annoying, you can go through the feedback to know if seller is genuine or not. I can feel your pain, felt the same. Fiverr disappointed me too.

@hanshuber16 I did not understand how you were able to successfully undertake the exercise since I have seen in some part that you kind of uploaded the documents from the gallery? Please clarify because my link did not have that option

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@valuepapers2019 When you are on the page that asks you to upload your ID or your photo for the ID verification process, you have an icon that you need to click to access the camera App on your smartphone, right? (I have the Android 8.0 Oreo OS on my phone) When you click on that icon, it opens up a small window/box within which you have several Apps listed that you can access. In this small window/box that has several Apps listed, besides your camera App, you will also be able to see an App that can access files/photos on your smartphone. When you click on this App, it will take you to the photo gallery on your smartphone. You can then select the desired photo, and it will get uploaded to the ID verification process.

I hope you understood. I wish I had taken screenshots of every stage. That would have made it so much more easier to understand. :frowning: