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Account restricted due to changing password


Hi there

Please help me my account is restricted while verifying it even I write the exact code that I received on my phone but still my account is temporary restricted help me in this matter and I want to active it right now please I want to save it my account last time the hacker stolen 130 dollars from my account so for that reason I just want to change the password but the verifying code that I enter is exactly same but still no password is change and my account is restricted as well!



You need to contact Fiverr’s Customer Support. They’re the only ones who can help you out. They will probably ask you to verify your ID and confirm that it is indeed your account.

They can take up to 48 hours to respond to you. You will have to be patient.


I have contact with them but they not respond me still! :sweat:


okay thanks for help :slight_smile: