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Account Restricted - For Reasons Untrue - Help!

Hi Everyone,

I’m Stephanie, I’m a Top Rated Seller and have been working on Fiverr for 3 years. I have nearly 4000 five star reviews and a great business.

I logged in this morning to find my Fiverr account suspended and when I contacted customer support they simply said I’d breached the terms of their contract and that my account was permanently disabled.

Their exact words:

“Your account has been permanently disabled for violations of our Terms of Service. It is against our Terms of Service to offer Gigs for adult oriented, inappropriate or pornographic services. You are welcome to contact us again in 90 days to inquire about any orders or revenues you may have left in your account.”

A few things…

Firstly, I run a respectable business and have NEVER offered adult, phonographic or inappropriate content. So the allegations and reasons for disabling my account are completely invalid.

Secondly, this is my sole income as a presenter and actress, and customer support has currently stopped replying to my requests for re-activation. I’ve been left with no income, after no warning, for a supposed offence that I didn’t commit.

Thirdly, being in the video marketing industry, i have customers who have sent their products to me for me to make product demonstration videos for, that I cannot contact because Fiverr has disabled my messaging function.

Fourthly, I have active orders which I am happy to continue to complete, but I won’t be able to withdraw the funds after completion, unless my account is reinstated.

Can anyone help? It’s kind of desperate.

Many Thanks!

First of all, I am sorry for your current situation.

The usage of the word “Permanently Disabled” is very concrete and heavy.
Unfortunately, only customer support is your resolution if any.

Do you not have a “Success Manager” you could talk to?

I do not believe it was a SINGLE incident that resulted in account suspension.
You must have had multiple complaints regarding your services, which lead to an investigation by the Trust and Safety Team, whose conclusion was that you indeed violated Fiverr’s TOS and/or policies.

Many times a buyer may leave a 5 star review but provide feedback via the “Private Feedback” option and may leave a negative comment.

Thanks for your opinion.

As far as I know I’ve never had a complaint made to customer services about my production, delivery, quality or customer service. I have 100% positive feedback rating on Fiverr and pride myself in delivering a very high standard of work.

On the very rare occasion a buyer that has been dissatisfied with my work, they have been fully refunded, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

I understand that, but I suppose you did not understand why I said that.

There have been plenty of times sellers came on the forum by first stating they deliver 100% quality product, later to return stating the issue did arise from a customer complaint unbeknownst to them.

But anyways, good Luck. :thumbsup:


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