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Account Restricted Im Level 2 seller

Im level 2 seller my account is restricted with the partial delivery warning.But i was still working on changes inbox with the client and delivered again the final delivery i have proofs she gives me five 5 stars and tip as well.please help me im so worried i recently quit my office job due to fiverr but i dont know what i should do please help me.i was working day and night.

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It might be a mistake , revisions are revisions… it has nothing to do with the initial delivery as long as you deliver complete work … it’s not your fault if the buyer requests revisions.

Did you forgot to send something related to the order ?

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Thanks for reply…it is going late to deliver i have sent time extension request but client was offline therefore i delivered with the statement that come inbox or put revision im available to work on then she came back and we complete the job she gives me 5 star rating and tipp as well i have proofs please im so upset now

yup… well that’s your mistake , you don’t deliver statements , only what you promise to deliver :frowning:

you can contact support,be polite…admit your mistake , promise it won’t happen again… I don’t know , they are the only ones who can help


yes i have submitted a polite and detailed request but im waiting for the kind action pray for me

So in your delivery did you just send a message or also files with your work?

So it’s not your first warning? Fiverr usually restricting accounts after 2 same warnings or 3 different issues warnings.

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yes it third warning but this time case is different i delivered the complete package again and my client give me 5 start ratings and tipped me as well

how much time it will take to review?

Only Fiverr’s customer support can answer this question. There is no “expected” time for it as I believe the time it takes (for them to review) varies greatly from one case to another.

However, if I were you, I wouldn’t be so optimistic about the outcome as I think it is very unlikely that Fiverr would give the account back after 3 ToS violations.

Do you mean that the first two times you didn’t deliver the complete work at all?

It’s really a bad idea to quit your office job and then break the rules for the third time.


But you still didn’t answer my question. I will copy it for you here again:

Or did you send your files in the inbox later on?

when i deliver the order my client accepted only…and asked me for changes…i was working on changes with the client and she was about to get final logo after many changes… and then i received the email my account is restricted then she was not able to communicate with me…but she left 5 stars and tipped me $25 for good work