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Account Restricted - improper usage

So my account just got restricted because I mentioned the word ‘voicemail’ in one of my messages, telling my buyer that I do not record directly onto a voicemail system…

I’ve submitted a support ticket but have yet to hear a response and am getting desperate!

Does any one know how long my account could be restricted for? Or what happens now?

Any advice is greatly appreciated as I’m currently freaking out!!


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Hi Arbel,

If that’s the real reason (and not because you either did something that’s against the ToS or because one of your messages was flagged/reported by one of your buyers), I think it will be forwarded to Fiverr’s Trust and Safety team for review. If you are confident that you haven’t done anything that’s against the ToS, you really don’t have anything to worry about; I think you will have your account back.

In any case, CS’ reply will have info. on exactly what they’re going to do about this situation. They can take up to 48 hours to respond. I know it is easier said than done… but try not to freak out… and wait for their reply. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :snowflake:


Thank you so much for this! This definitely helps me put my mind at ease.

I should have paid attention to the warning that popped up but didn’t think it would suspend my account.

I’ll “try” and be patient while I wait for their respond, hopefully all goes well.

Thanks again!


It’s good to know that their screening system may not always account for context.

I was once flagged for something similar, but my account wasn’t restricted. I hope CS resolves it soon for you! Sometimes they take a while to respond to a ticket.

I still haven’t heard from cs and I’m getting really nervous- are they punishing me? Why is it taking so long to get even an update?

You posted this topic 21h ago from now. Please be bit patient because customer support can take upto 48 hours to reply. Also there is no compliment about the CS replying to your ticket. even your account is permanently banned they will let you know that for sure. You’re still fine sine you didn’t get any reply from CS. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. Sorry I know It’s just hard since I’ve always heard from them right away.

Thank you for putting my mind at ease!

So yesterday I finally got a response from CS and basically they told me that I have 3 warnings and that was my last warning. They’ve forwarded my case over to Trust and Safety to do a full review.

Does anyone know approximately how long that could take?

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Just wondering if this ever got resolved? I see your account is no longer active… I hope they didn’t ban you over this… Were all 3 warnings related to the language you used in messages or was it something else that caused you to be banned? Would love an update as I’ve had issues with flagged messages too and would hope their reasoning made sense to make such a drastic decision to remove an account.