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Account restricted its been 9 days

Hello Everyone,
Iam shivathmaj my account was restricted 9 days ago.
I mistakenly violated the rules.
I created a gig offering youtube songs download.

I have contacted Fiverr support system, they are kind.
They told me to wait for review team to check.

Guy’s it’s been 3rd day for today does anyone knows how long this procedure will take.

If anyone are in my shoes…


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Nobody here knows how long it will take. You will just have to wait for the answer from Customer Support.


anyone with similar experience can tell how long it took for them

What was the point of this GIG? How did you even think of this? Why did you think people would buy this? And why would they need to hire someone to do it when Youtube has system for download???

You did not just make mistake, you violated everything in TOS.


They can, but knowing that someone waited for a few days or a few months (either could happen) will tell you nothing about how long it’s going to take for you, or whether you’ll be allowed to keep your account.


Thing is there are 2 gigs which does exact same and has many purchases 20plus and i thought it’s legit… I can still see their gig… Fiver dint remove their gig but restricted me

Youtube has option to download but this service is about downloading into mp3 and sharing file… Youtube downloads u cannot share

I admit it’s my mistake of violation but will i given a second chance… Restriction is better than ban?

I searched for those gig and i cant find them, i type youtube download, nothing.

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You got caught. They haven’t been caught yet.

Nobody on the forum can answer that question.You’ll have to wait and see what Customer Support decides.


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Mod Note: Gig link removed.

Shamefull. Add link to this with your respond to CS.

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Anyway i did it by mistake i joined just week ago tried to make some cash wasnt aware of tos. Thank you guys for your support. Nice to hear from you

When you check the ‘I agree to TOS’ button you acknowledge it, and form a binding contract. If you form a contract without even reading the terms of it, then don’t be surprise when it gets terminated and you get suspended.

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Oh, I agree but that is a little out there, like there is one single person who actually read entire TOS word by word before creating account. After yes, but before, no.

On programs software pages you just scroll to the end next yes yes next.

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I totally disagree. If I am about to form a contract I would like to know what it is. I always read TOS/T&C before joining up to a site, and so do many others.

So when you upgrade to WIN 10 you read all the things during update before clicking, and when you installed Office, VLC, 7zip,, chrome, you read all that before installing?

I read anything if I am about to form a contract. I don’t just mindlessly click ‘I agree’ when I don’t know what I’m agreeing to. Otherwise, for all I know it could say “We will control your life” Whether it’s a TOS or EULA, I’ll read it if it’s important.

OK, then what Cortana can do on your PC regarding Smart tabs? If you read all 15 pages of Cortana rules you should know this since it is bolded on page 7.

I believe there’s a software to analyze some EULA? And some ToS may intentionally be written too long so as to make you accept it…
And there could be some which will reward you with money if you read them. There has been one case.
I’m just writing this out in case it helps someone.