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Account Restricted over Paypal Fees

So frustrating. I purchase here. Paypal has been charging me small international fees with some of these purchases. So, I went to payapl to open a dispute to explain the issue. All of a sudden., my account is restricted for breaking terms of service. They tell me that I need to cancel the dispute, which I did. They tell me that if I break TOS again, my account will go down a level. I have contacted Fiverr three times to explain this was an honest mistake. I had NO IDEA that me trying to resolve an issue with paypal would kick back to Fiverr. I am sure it will all get worked out in the end and I will be able to access my account. It is just a matter of when. How annoying because I had a buyer trying to make a purchase, and now he can not.

Goodness, you don’t think about a PayPal dispute that isn’t about Fiverr having such an effect on your Fiverr account! Hope you get it sorted quickly, and thank you for the heads up! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup. I hope so too. All I can do is wait. And one of my gigs is featured, so there goes that exposure. Stupid.

Just got resolved. Open for business.