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Account Restricted!

My account was restricted 1 week ago… i dont know how to recover it… when i messaged CS they said , i have two accounts thats why they have restricted my account… but the thing is one account is of my sister, we both are located at different places…its just that we both can login each other accounts in case one is not at desktop and some project is coming. even she has put her bank details in her account and my bank details in my account… fiverr completely blocked her account and restricted my account. now they are not responding to my mails …more than 1 week passed and i am not getting any updates in my account!!! please suggest me something!!


So sorry to hear that, no_mouth: I don’t know what should I say?

I created my account in Sept 2018 and completed 110 projects in 6 months, i became level 2 seller in just 6 months, why would i need to create a second account…

Fiverr thinks you’ve got 2 accounts, for exactly the reasons you gave.

How are they supposed to know it’s 2 people with 2 accounts, when you’re logging into both?

but it has two different bank account details… infacct we both attached our passport copy in mail…but they refused it…

and we both are located at different places…she is in bangalore and i am in delhi…how can i login both the accounts on two different ip addresses at the same time…

They may thought that you use/create it to use your sister information.

I account = 1 person. Please go back and read the Terms of Service.

1 account = 1 person
2 account = 2 person
i know that , but if i am not able to login for 2-3 days for some reason and i ask my sister to check my account on daily basis and complete my projects on my behalf, it doen not mean that its her account and her account is mine…

yes that can be the case…but how can i login at two different places at the same time …

No one on the forum can help with this. Forum users are mostly just sellers and buyers. You may want to send your feedback to Customer Support..