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Account restricted

My account temporarily get restricted.I open cyberghost to open youtube and my account bloked.what to do now?

maybe because of suspicious activity from the different ip locations ? did you contact the support?

I contact them and they said that:

" We’ve received several complaints from your previous buyers regarding the performance of your services on Fiverr. After further review of your previous order and account history, your account has been disabled. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. Taking in to consideration multiple factors, we can not allow sellers on our marketplace who offer poor experiences for buyers.""

But I did only orders from one buyer.How can they said this?strange for me.

Outch! This will have to be dealt with in Customer care. I see your gig but no reviews to go off… that one sell could have been someone being a jerk and hitting you with flagging. I don’t know more behind it so obviously i am limited to my responses.

Maybe ask for a copy or copies of notes for this? evidence perhaps?

I just got the same problem, Can Someone help please!!!

Contact Customer Support and ask them for an explanation and help.

I did But no answer Yet

CS usually takes 24-48 hours to answer, so be patience

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Okay, I’ll.
But what the usual problems that can be

I don’t know, you just said you had a problem you didn’t actually said what the problem was, and we’re only buyers and sellers in here so we cannot help much, CS is the one who can help with any problems you may have with your account.

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Actually I was discussion with a buyer and they say this message “Your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team”

You breathed life into a 3-year-old thread.
Creating your own topic is as easy as :one::two::three:


Yes, Just to know if someone already had this problem and fix it