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Account restriction and reactivation

Hi there
I wanna ask ,It’s been a week my account is restricted and they say they are reviewing my account.
How long it would take them to review my account?

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There isn’t one definitive answer to your question though it pretty much depends upon the condition for which your account got restricted.

I updated one of my gigs and mistakenly uploaded wrong photo that was downloaded from interent.
That happened unintentionally.

If in case my account gets banned then how to create new account and use it on same phone and laptop?
Is it possible?

Practically, that was not fair as it happened unintentionally, but if you see it technically then your action was against the TOS which probably had to result in your account ban.

Then how to create and use new account on same phone n laptop?

no, it’s not possible but surely against the terms of service. Perhaps explain yourself to the customer support and request for removing the ban on your account, if your statement appears relevant to the Fiverr team, there might be chances of good luck, but if you have done it already then wait until they respond

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