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Account Restriction. When can expect the update?

Hi there,

My account is restricted from last 8 days and they are saying we are reviewing your account and its take weeks or even months for reviewing.

The Reason of restriction is for the late response after the order completion.

Kindly tell me, someone, how much time will take the reviewing of account. Also, there is any chance to reactive of my account?


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Sorry I don’t have answer to your question.
But I have a question of my own. You said that your account was restricted because of late response after completing the order. Whose late response was it, your or the buyers?
I am asking because I have also just delivered an order, but from last 1 day I have been waiting for the buyer’s response for that order. So I am wondering if that would mean that my account will get restricted too?

Nobody on the forum knows how long the review will take or whether your account can be reactivated as we are just buyers and sellers.

Only Customer Support can help you with this and you will just have to wait for their response.

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No, your account will not get restricted if your buyer doesn’t respond to the order delivery. In fact, some buyers do not respond at all after an order delivery (they may not even post a review/rating after delivery of the order). It happens. But, you don’t have to worry. You will not receive a warning for that. :slight_smile: I would say that the percentage of rated orders is generally between 50% and 90%. Mine is at 83% right now.


In addition to what @hanshuber16 advised suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained in detail there.

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Thanks llyodsolutions. I had done it a while back and this question today just confused me. Maybe I need a refresher

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Thanks hanshuber16, this is very helpful.
And yeah I agree that a buyer might not always leave a review (it’s a privilege they have, not their duty).
But the question had just confused me a bit, hence wanted to be certain that a response on the delivered ordered also made any impact or not. Good to know that it doesn’t and I can now peacefully carry on with my work :+1:

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how much time will take the reviewing of account? The answer is

Chance to reactive of my account? The answer is.
Yes but you have to wait for them to finish the review to know the status.

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