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Account Restriction


my account is temporary restricted and CS says it’s being reviewed .just wanted to know if there is any know i can get my account restored


That depends on Fiverr’s Trust & Safety team’s decision, and on what you did to get your account restricted.


this is the warning i received
Your account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.
To provide a pleasant buyer/seller experience, we ask that you deliver the requested work within the agreed upon time frame. Abusing the delivery button is a violation of our Terms of Service and harms the integrity of our marketplace. We recommend changing your delivery time or extending the delivery time within the order (if you are unable to meet the deadline)

but i delivered all of my orders and on time .
i did make some cancellation but those were mutual cancellation with the buyer


You can do nothing but wait for the CS team’s reply to you about your gig.


just wondering if there is a possibility . they could disable my account at the first place if they wanted .


Cant say anything. Just wait and watch. and hope for the best.
and if your account is back, try to stick to the fiverr policy.


That’s what usually happens when your account is restricted.

But you still have a chance if you indeed didn’t violate the rules. (If you did but you think you didn’t, that doesn’t count)


okay thanks and i will for sure stick to fiverr policy


i think i did violate the rules.


Did you provide empty delivery before cancelling order?

You are not allowed to use the delivery button to stop the time, only use it when delivering the complete works, otherwise, it is a false delivery and a violation.

Canceling at any point by mutual agreement is not a violation.

I’m sorry to say this is clear violation :frowning:


it was returning buyer so i delivered the order because there was no time left and he was responding


does it mean that my account can’t be restore


Fiverr will decide that. Nobody on the forum can look into the future (unless you want to hire a psychic) and tell you for certain what’s going to happen.


Never deliver incomplete work if you didn’t get enough information then asked buyer to extend time.

You can contact Cs only they can help you never lose your hope :slight_smile:


There is one thing i must ask though . CS told me wait and it’s been over 10 days .
should i wait for them to answer or write an other ticket


Creating another ticket on the same topic might be seen as spam, and they might close all of your tickets and block you.


If the Cs message said that “your account is under review by out trust and safety and get back to you etc” then they will contact you. I’m not sure about time figure :slight_smile: