Account rules for selling gig


Hi everyone,
If my neighbor wants to buy my gig, can he do this?
I want to ask that there is any problem for my account on that case?



I don’t see why your neighbor wouldn’t be able to buy your gig.
In fact, people you know outside of the net would probably make for the best first few customers.
However, make sure he’s honest in how he reviews your work. Don’t have him rate you highly just because you know each other. If he feels your work is worth a high rating, great! If not, then that should be okay with you too.


If he really needs your service, yes.

However, if he leaves a review, it can be seen as review manipulation.


Thanks catwriter.
Is there any problem if he give me a review?


Yes, there is. Customer Support might see it as review manipulation, and punish you for it.


Ok …