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Account sharing

For my gig, I run a minecraft server dev service. I usually set up sites for people by telling them what to do on their, but it would be much faster to have access to their server’s account to make changes to their web stores. I don’t ask for account user and passwords because I don’t know if that would break ToS. Would asking for account user and password for the sake of completing a gig break ToS?

It is not if you’ll put it as one of the questions in your gig requirements (not description)

I have one of requirements for example asking for the website instagram and Facebook because I need that information for business cards.

But if you can avoid it it’s better to avoid it because you need to have a proof of delivery when delivering an order.

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can i see your gig as reference?

you don’t need to see my gig for a reference.
as I mentioned you need to ask it not in the public description but when you are setting up personal requirements in the gig (when creating a gig) that buyer need to fill to proceed with an order.