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Account Suddenly disable


I get 2 order today and Delivery One order Files and other are pending. i was sleep after done that One Delivery, now i wk up i see my profile sign out automatically, i tried to Log in but says your account are disable for some violations. :frowning: i didn’t do anything like illegal. :frowning: also That pending order are Cancel , i get the mail .
Now i send a mail to CS , see What happens :frowning: may be i don’t get This Account back :frowning: I didn’t imagine my 2017 last day will be g like this :frowning:


Sorry this happened to you. Can you tell us what the violation was, or what the message said about it?


They Said This :frowning:


Also This One too :frowning:


what service you was providing?


Graphic Related , Logo , Tee Shirt


Hi there,

I am so sorry to hear about this. I know how this feels. I recommend that you send an email to CS to know which of the TOS was violated, that lead to the loss of your account.

Otherwise, there is no further advice we can offer from here.


They Replied me this

but i didn’t create any Other account . I started this Fiverr account In same Time In previous year 2017 .

and With this Account i earn well so why i need More account :frowning: i don’t Know why they Review wrong :frowning:
I only use one Account with PC and tab!
i reply them again See what they do for me :frowning:


Here are a couple of clues that might help you. I took a look at caches copies of your gigs and some of your gig images or sample work had components that were borrowed or barely altered from other sources. That may have been considered a copyright violation. Even if not, I see an old post by you that openly gave a reason to be banned. It’s here:

When you first created your account, you admitted to fake orders and that is strictly against the rules since it is a form of review manipulation. It could be that it took Fiverr a long time to catch it or it could be that you’ve had more issues with review manipulation, but no matter what that is grounds to disable your account at any time.

There might be other issues but those are the ones I see at a glance. Sorry to hear it. You can ask Fiverr for permission to start over with a new account, but take care to ask first and to read all the rules before you start again.

Edited to add: Your cousin’s account (imonctg,) would have been viewed as a second account since you used it to purchase fake orders from yourself.


As @fonthaunt said. You admitted that you have purchased fake reviews, this is against fiverr TOS.
You said your cousin profiles with an (s) for plural, if you’re all using the same IP, you’ll be considered duplicate accounts.

In case you want a real carrer on fiverr, you have to respect all of their TOS, don’t do any copyright infringement, and respect all buyers.

If you want to open a new account, I also suggest to contact fiverr Support first, and I think you’ll have to change the paypal/payoneer/bank account you used to withdraw money to.