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Account Suspended on Day 1 after scammer contacted me - SUPPORT HELP NEEDED

Long story short:

After a friend recommended Fiverr I finally got around to registering an account yesterday, spent half the afternoon designing images and descriptions and finally launched it in the evening. Got contacted a bit later by a user who asked me to send him an e-mail - I replied that I’m not sure if this is alright, but since it’s literally my first day I didn’t pay attention to the warning messages that pop up underneath the chat window. In the end he invited me to some Slack group where he tried to scam me by promoting another freelancing website, I shut him down, blocked the Slack group and reported him on Fiverr.

Wake up today and my account is permanently suspended because of this, which I find very unfair given that I’m a new user, got no last warning, and reported the user immediately.

So my question is what to do in this situation? I sent support an e-mail and also tweeted to Fiver and their support account, really hoping my account can get unblocked :confused: I’m not even sure if it’s Fiverr that somehow detected a problem, or if this spammer went ahead and reported me after failing to get this trick in action :frowning:

same happened with me but don’t know the reason behind it ?

looks like fiverr started to block accounts mistakenly or randomly , or there’s group of ppl that keep reporting accounts :confused:

Is there a way to tag Fiverr support here about this? I realize I technically DID break the rules, but it was my very first interaction on the website and I literally didn’t have time to read the rules before this spammer ‘‘attacked’’ me. Did the right thing eventually by turning him down and reporting the account, and now this?

Only customer support can help you on this.

Wish you Good fortune

I am sorry this happened to you, but right when creating a Fiverr account (even before creating gigs), Fiverr asks users to read the Terms of Service and check a box where it says something along the lines of “I have read and understood Fiverr’s terms of service.”

Since you had already informed Fiverr (during registration) that you have read and understood Fiverr’s terms of service, they (rightfully) assume that you have intentionally violated Fiverr’s terms of service. I don’t see how it is unfair.

I think Fiverr has gotten stricter of late. I am not sure, but I think Fiverr used to give a little more leeway until recently; they used to warn users before permanently suspending their account.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it other than to apologize to Fiverr’s Customer Support and tell them that since you’re a new seller, you weren’t aware that you were contacted by a scammer. You need to take prior permission from them to create a new account. Do not create a new account without taking their permission. If you do that, they will suspend/ban all the new accounts you create, too.

Good luck!

P.S: on the off chance that they let you create a new account, I URGE you to go through Fiverr’s Terms of Service once again and STRICTLY abide by their terms (no exceptions). :slight_smile:

Exchanging reviews is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service (as was already informed to you in another thread yesterday). I don’t think you realize how easy it is for Fiverr to verify that you have done that.


Thank you for explaining this, but unfortunately I had to create a new account just to post on the forums here, I am not going to use it to sell anything of course.

Are you serious about the ‘‘oft-chance’’ though? I sincerely hope this is taken care of relatively soon and my account gets unblocked - I spent a lot of time designing an image and formatting the entire gig page, it would be absurd IMO to get a permaban after apologizing to support and explaining the situation. Clearly it won’t happen again and I’ve learnt my lesson - people don’t read ToU pages and that’s on them, fair enough, but if they will be this strict about it then maybe implement a ‘final warning’ for accounts that are less than a week old or something?

I wouldn’t be so sure about it now, though, considering you have violated Fiverr’s terms of service another time by creating a new account without their permission (to post on the forum). Yes, Fiverr keeps a track of these things, too. :crying_cat_face: There are no exceptions to Fiverr’s rules. They are VERY strict when it comes to such things.

Good luck, though. :sunny:

Well I think that’s a problem with their support system to be honest - I tried contacting them via the support page after sending an e-mail, but it wouldn’t let me since my original account was suspended. Surely they can see that the only activity on ‘this one’ is on the forums, and I specifically stated above that was the reason to create it. How am I supposed to use the forums to report this otherwise?

Any idea on how long till I get a reply? I sent the e-mail about two hours ago, not sure where their offices are located.

Thanks for all your help, fingers crossed this gets resolved!

The forum is mainly used by buyers and sellers on Fiverr. Fiverr staff RARELY interact via the forum. They also do not address customer queries/complaints on the forum.

Fiverr only responds to customer queries/complaints via customer service tickets. You can create one either by going to (which I think requires an active Fiverr account) or by simply sending them an email at: (in case you do not have an active Fiverr account). You didn’t have to do BOTH!.

So all you had to do was send them an email at the ID mentioned above and wait until they replied back (can take up to 48 hours). If you would have done that, you wouldn’t have violated Fiverr’s ToS yet another time.

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Just read the warning messages and act accordingly.
When you get a speeding ticket, the fact that you didn’t look at any signs is not a good alibi.


The only thing they’d tell you is that you need to communicate via the ticket you submitted to Customer Support. They wouldn’t discuss the matter here.

Hello, fiverr takes the terms of service very seriously and doesn’t allow accounts to remain active when these are violated. We don’t know if they will allow you to reopen your account so all you can do is wait to hear from them.