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Account suspended

Hello, my account has been suspended, what shoud I do? I have almost 500 reviews there

I cannot contact customer service and it says my account has been suspended. So I cannot send a letter.

Please help. I feel desperate

they never help you i am facing this problem too… i have much money in it. they did’t reply to my any mail And did’t pay my money to me…

why your account is suspended? mistakes what do you do?

Calm down. You are a top rated seller. Have you violated the Terms of Service?

what happen? you are Top rated seller and your account is suspended why?

:frowning: Are you violated any fiverr TOS ?

I can not send messages too, but it didn’t say my account has been suspended! and I can not even withdraw available funds to my paypal account, what’s wrong?

Can you tell us why?

Strange, I still can send messages from the mobile app, however I can not send messages from the website. What’s happening?

I have got an amazing support, I just sent a message to fiverr support and I got help within 2 minutes, I think you shall send the fiverr support a message and let them know about the issues you are having, I still can not withdraw available funds, however I can send messages now, and they asked me to contact them back if the issue of withdrawing available funds persists.

I hope you get your issues solved ASAP

@laimute First of all breath and stay calm and don’t get depressed. Then figure out a way to contact CS, then let us all know here what happened. Hugs!!

The withdrawing available funds issue is completely solved for me.
Amazing support :slight_smile:

Every suspension usually comes with a reason. You should have received a notification telling you why your account has been suspended.

Hey guys thank you so much for your answers. I think the problem is that I had 2 accounts. I didn’t know you cannot have 2 accounts. It’s really scary that you work a lot on your profile and after it you cannot even contact anyone or get your money. Very disappointing

I havent recieved any notification that my account was suspended, I have just noticed that I couldn’t withdraw my money. I am so sad about it:(

You found your answer then. Duplicate accounts are against TOS.

I didnt know that. Is it possible to do something?

There is nothing to do for you now.

Duplicated accounts are forbidden. Everywhere. Not just on Fiverr. This is a widely known fact.

And it is “extremely” logical that it is not allowed to have two accounts, cause the only reason is to scam in someway or at least doing something fishy. What was your reason to create a second account?

Several accounts are always negative for the community, so it is absolutely ok, that your account has been closed, even if this for sure is heavy for you right now, it was straight in your face, you lost a TRS account… but I guess you´ve learned your lesion now :slight_smile:

As far as I know even in cases like yours Fiverr has mercy and after some time you can start again - from 0. (Check the Fiverr TOU about that)

Indeed. Strange opinion. Also, or better said “especially” TRS are NOT allowed to break the Fiverr TOU :slight_smile:

The two account thing is in the Terms of Service, all over the forum, the help articles and is also plain common sense. I’m amazed you made TRS without knowing it, but that is the price of not reading the rules. I don’t know of anything you can do to fix it. Fiverr rarely if ever allows accounts to be re-enabled and even if they did, you probably could be TRS anymore. You could start over with a level 0 account if you ask permission first. My guess is that you got TRS back when it there was less competition and it was easier. Tough road now. I honestly can’t sympathize much, though.

I know i was just focused on my work, I also don´t have lots experience on internet. But let´s stay always positive:):slight_smile: