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Account suspended


Hi, Fiverr has informed me today that all my orders have been cancelled and I am no longer able to login to my account. Can anyone help me?


you must have broken one of the fiverr rules


Ask fiverr support that what is the reason. And now you can’t do anything your account is gone and never come back really so sad :frowning:


moras da izdrzis beki :slight_smile:

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tnx a lot you guys


Contact support directly!


Just contact customer support now !!!


Contact support directly & ask what`s your fault?


Kontaktiraj support i neka ti je sa srecom!

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@tijanaaa: Fiverr always sends you an explanatory message when they suspend your account, but sometimes it is not easy to understand. If you want to post the text from their entire message to you, it is not against the rules to do so here on the forum. I or someone else can probably help explain to you what the problem is and help you either fix or avoid it if we know what it is. Did you have some earnings? With just the small bit of info you gave I do not know how to answer your question.


Hi, thank you for being helpful. I must first say that I was a level 2 seller, with over 200 orders completed. I wasn’t doing anything illegal on Fiverr, I was offering my translation services. I find it very professional that I hadn’t received any warning before my account was suspended. I also had a revenue coming up, around $200 and 3 orders in queue, the value of which was $500. I’ve contacted customer support, and all I got was the following:

Nov 5, 1:54 PM EDT

Could you please tell me why has my account been suspended and what can I do to return it? And what can I do about the money that I earned and was supposed to transfer to my Fiverr card?
Thanks in advance!

Chris (Fiverr Customer Support)
Nov 5, 2:43 PM EDT

Hello Tijana,

Our system has brought to our attention irregular activity & security concerns originating from your electronic location. After further review, we’ve permanently disabled your account for violations of our Terms of Service. You are welcome to contact us again in 90 days to inquire about any orders or revenues you may have left in your account.

Nov 5, 2:50 PM EDT

Just one more question, since I still don’t understand what happened and how the problems with electric location and violation of terms is my fault, am I going to be able to recover my profile after 90 days or…?

Chris (Fiverr Customer Support)
Nov 5, 4:03 PM EDT

Hi again,

As stated you may contact us in 90 days regarding any revenue still remaining in the account. At that time though your account will not be reactivated as it has been permanently disabled.

Also, I’m not saying that I haven’t made some mistake I’m not currently aware of, but I wish someone could tell me what the mistake is, so I remember not to repeat it. I’m sure there are many other users like me, who are sometimes late with the deliveries and stuff like that, but are generally responsible and dedicated. I will even accept that I’ve made a mistake and no longer have my account and steady income every month, but I would simply like to know why, I feel like I should receive a better explanation.
Thanks again and I am looking forward to your answer!


You’re wrong to believe it’s excusable to be late on a delivery. I’m sure too many late deliveries and the fact you’re only"generally responsible" as opposed to “100% responsible” caused you to be suspended.


i believe it is excusable if a customer doesn’t mind. and if they do mind, why shouldn’t i receive a warning first? i didn’t know that being late with deliveries is violation of terms and reason for permanent suspension of account.


Usually when they tell you “irregular activity & security concerns originating from your electronic location” it is because they have found you doing something that make it look like the account or reviews have been manipulated. They may not be able to tell exactly what it is, but they have enough evidence to shut it down. You can ask them for permission to open a new account and read the terms very carefully. They probably will allow you to try again but they might make you wait until after you’ve completed the 90 day review process. I can only guess but based on other posts some of the common reasons for this kind of suspension are:

Use a proxy to disguise or change your IP/location
Using a profile picture of someone else
Using a PayPal or other payment account that belongs to someone else
Using a payment account that has different information than the identity on your Fiverr account
Using or trying to use a payment account that is also used by another Fiverr account
Having multiple accounts in the same location
Receiving reviews from someone in the same location
Receiving reviews from a disallowed source, like paid reviews or review exchanges

The list goes on, but those are some of the typical ones. They can suspend you without warning at any time, so it’s best to go over the ToS very carefully before buying or selling.

As far as getting your funds back, typically they will ask you to show proof that you are the person named on the Fiverr account and the payment account. The identities need to match. They may have you send a picture of you holding a photo ID and/or a copy of your passport or other identification.

If you can demonstrate full ownership of the accounts and funds, they will usually give it to you then. If you cannot or if they have already found strong evidence that there is something wrong with how the funds were obtained, they will return the funds to the buyers.

Bear in mind that I am not a staff member, I am just a forum volunteer. I’m only giving you some general answers based on reading posts for a couple of years, so this is all somewhat generic. Good luck.


@tijanaaa I doubt late deliveries was the sole reason although it could have drawn attention to you and that may be how they noticed other problems.

Fiverr rarely gives warnings unless the issue is considered very minor. This is another reason I doubt the issue was late deliveries unless you had a huge number of them alongside many cancellations.


Just contact support and they will review you account after that they will reply why your account suspended.


thank you, but none of this was the case, all the information was matching and I had no other accounts, I’ve been doing everything legally for a year and a half, so I really don’t get it


Hi @tijanaaa, your case caught my attention as I am in a similar situation just now. So what happened then? Could you get any further answer from the support team or you just need to wait for the 90 days to go by?


Each case is different. Contact Customer Support! If you want answers. The users here can only speculate.


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