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Account suspension (time required?)

Hello everyone! I got second warning form fiver they have taken my account under view how much it take time to get my account back?

It’s not matter of “when”, it’s matter of “if”.
If you indeed broke rules you wouldn’t get your account back after the review.

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Did fiverr support mention the reason why they are taking your account under review? Did you mistakenly delivery some copyrighted work of someone to your client?

Have patience. If you have done nothing wrong than your account will be back soon.

What was the second warning for? If it was for the same thing the first warning was, chances are that you won’t be getting the account back if it’s a repeat violation.

Thanks for reply ! i have uploaded gig images of my previous account that was closed twice that’s why they gave me warning is it possible to get my account back because my earnings are in it i am so much in stress :tired_face:

And here I am scratching my head. :thinking:
If your previous account was closed (even twice) you are not allowed to open new accounts. All of them will be banned.

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I have used images of previous account in my gig. I have not reopened my previous one.