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Account temporarily block

Hi Fiverr,
Due to fail two times account verification my account is temporarily block. I have communicated with customer support. Already 10 days gone, but still now didn’t get any solution. Please help me to active my account and verify it. Thanks

Warm Regards
Humayan Kabir


We are sellers just like you. Wait for customer support to assist you. There’s nothing we can do for you here.

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I am really very upset. Just I have finished my 2nd job. Response rate going down. :unamused:

Please send mail on Fiverr Customer Support (
I hope you maintain proper instruction for sending mail.

Don’t worry to much support is kind of hand full i guess…
They will surely reply and give you a another chance to verify your ID

I had the same issue about verification rather than this it is kind of stressful but wht can you do…
Be sure to grow your skills:D

Best regards…

How long they need to reply. They replied me after after 10 days and marked it solved. But don’t give any verification link and still now my account block.