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Account temporary disabled because Id verification failed

I have uploaded a photographs of a driving license and uploaded a selfie.(Clear Photographs).But it says my photographs are not clear and not verified. So I tried with different photographs with 3 times. Then my account was restricted.

Have you opened a ticket with Support? Only they can help you with this issue.

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Yes, I have opened a ticket and waiting for reply from support team.

Fiverr Support team have given me a perfect support to verify my id. I’ve faced some difficulties with my ID (The photograph of my ID was not clear) So , They help me to verify it.

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Did they verify it manually?

Am having the same probem
am still waiting for support to reply.
is there anything else i can do please?
an how long does it take for them to reply ?

Not manually, they given me a link and I re upload documents. Then nothing happened. (Not recive any notifucation )After few hours my Id was verified.

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Hi, same here. After I reupload the documents, I didn’t receive any mail. I think it may be successful but I click my Fiver market page to make sure and it still showed “disabled”. Did you go back to your marketplace after you did not receive any mail? Why my result come so different… :sob: :sob:

Hello people.

I had the same issue few days ago which later led to my account being permanently disabled. Now I’m starting all over again with nothing​:broken_heart::broken_heart: I wished I knew about this forum earlier might be that incident could’ve being avoided.

If you are faced with this issue please be careful and also seek for guidance.:pray::pray:


I’m sorry to hear that. But why your account be permanently disabled? Did you contact CS when your account be disabled when your ID identification failed?

Thank you.

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First I contacted the Customer care service when my Account was temporarily disable. So during the process of sorting out the problem, they detect some mistakes I made while creating my Gig. The mistake were about copying someone else Gig description. since I was a newbie at the beginning It didn’t occur to me that I’ve violated Fiverr rules. so my account was flagged as cloned account and was blocked.