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Account under reveiew

hello…my Account is restricted About A month Ago ,one Month and 5 days…butt no email i got from Fiverr…please tell how much it will take more time to review my Account…my acoount is still restricted,the buyer page opens butt all gigs are shown as Denied…please help

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Only CS can give you a precise answer. I think you should contact them again.

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Contract with the customer support.
There you will get the exact information because your gig’s already shown as denied.
As you mention.

I contact them three times…they said that it,s up to team that how much it will take time, we do’t know how much it will take time…

Generally it took 24 to 72 hours.
Team solve it to maintain their serial. Some of problem are critical. That’s should kill more time. Wait with patient. You will get your answer soon.
Have a nice day.