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Account Under Review/ Need Help

Hey Everyone

Can someone help me recover my account as it got restricted due to Violation of Communicating Outside Fiverr?

I have never tried to reach any of my clients outside of Fiverr, Yet I solely take responsibility that I had conducted some of Google Meet Sessions Just because client’s were not able to explain the scope of work and the requirement in a much-organized manner.

I also apologized to them for the same but they told me that they will review the profile and till then the account stay’s restricted.

I know that Fiverr is a great platform for a freelancer to showcase their skills but due to some reasons there are communication gaps between client and Seller so to stand clear on requirements I have conducted sessions I apologize for that but can I get my account back to normal conditions.

Jay Joshi


You need to contact customerr support.

Create a Support ticket here.

No one on the forum can help you.

You broke Fiverr’s ToS, so not sure if they will ever allow you to keep selling on the platform.


Hey Jay, each platform has its own set of tools and rules.

Your inability to follow Fiverr’s set of rules has resulted in them restricting your account.

Unless you can get it back, there’s no point in discussing what Fiverr allows and how to work within those boundaries.

Have a good one.

  • sigh * - you say you didn’t break the rules and then, in the very same sentence indicate that you did.

The rule concerning communication outside Fiverr is strictly applied - no exceptions, no excuses.