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Account Under review- Sharing of Contact Information

My Account was flagged for sharing Contact information , However one of my client shared the details without my consent and I had reported that user along with blocking that user.

Why do we sellers get tagged for Sharing contact information if some client texts it’s contact information , And How can we show Trust and Safety Team that it was the client that texted this Information?


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You answered your own question. There are no conditional reasons in this case. The rules say that you cannot share your personal information, since that would allow outside communication. If/when you do this, you will get flagged/warned for it. That seems pretty straightforward to me.

The only way a client could share your personal contact information, is if you gave it to him/her to start with. Don’t share your personal contact information.


If the buyer shared the contact details without you asking, then you don’t have any problem, Fiverr will review the communication between you and the buyers.


It doesn’t sound like @collegecontent did.

To me, it seems like the buyer just blurted out their contact information in the Fiverr inbox without OP asking, and CS decided to flag them unjustly.

Definitely dispute to CS. I’m sick of them doing this, and don’t give up until they remove the warning.


Few days ago, a buyer sent me his skyppe profile screenshot without asking me and another buyer sent me his contact number that i did not asked.

as i did not asked his/her contact info there was not problem.
I didn’t got any warning form fiverr.

It is not always true… buyer dropped contact details in my inbox without me even asking and I do let them know immediately it is against Fiverr TOS.

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In this case, I dont think fiverr reviews account and put account under reviews, they only shows that your message is being reviews by our trust and safety team…but if they find relevant reply from seller this could be case !

Sometime, the support press the wrong button… I have seen cases where seller report buyers for abuse/charge back issue but it was the seller Account that was mistakenly banned/flagged. But it was later reversed

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May be the case…
I have never seen this but I often see message were they say T&S team is reviewing my message when buyer sent me malicious message and I reply back !

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