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Account Under Review With a Warning

Recently My Account Went Under review
without giving me a Single Warning

This is What Fiverr Customer Support Team Said.

I have reviewed it and found that it is currently restricted and under review. This happens if a user receives multiple warnings for taking actions that are not allowed on Fiverr. In your case, it appears that you have other related accounts to this one.

You will be notified once our Team reaches a decision.

I don’t Know Why they are lying about Warnings

While My Profile Current status is 5-stars as you can see in the attachment below.
and a Few days back I got level one Seller


I want to Know Why Exactly they did this to me before giving me a single warning


Have you created any other accounts? if you haven’t and you haven’t received any warnings then just wait for CS to review your account.


What did the email say when you got a warning? You most likely did something that triggered them

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I havent Received a single warning yet and just got my level 1 badge 3-5 days ago. My Question is how I even got level 1 if I have revecied any warnings.

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Yes, One Other Account That I left and deleted all gigs and Moved to this New one. since then I never Logged into the Old Account. No gigs or anything

BTW what is CS

Thanks in Advance

Did you contact customer service before deleting those Gigs and starting a new account? Probably not.

When you created this new account, did you use the same payment method, ID verification (if asked) and email?

Even though you never logged into the old account - in Fiverr’s eyes you have TWO accounts, which is NOT allowed. This is why you have a warning. Perhaps these other warnings they say they sent to you were sent to your OLD account, and since you have not logged into that account, you did not see them?

Either way, you have to either explain what you did to customer service and hope they allow you to continue with this new account, or accept that you messed up and it may lead to them terminating your account and not allowing you to sell or buy here any longer.

CS = Customer Service.



I have check the emails and never received and single Warning from Fiverr on both of these accounts

Well, according to Fiverr, you did. (receive warnings)

Plus, you say in the other message here that you never signed into the other account after deleting your Gigs - so, how would you know if they didn’t sent that account a message? I am not talking about the email you signed up with - I am talking about the actual account HERE in your messages on the OLD account.

Only they have the final say as to whether they will let you continue to sell here.

You need to contact them to see if you can work this out.


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Please do not do anything that goes against the fiber TOS.

The fiber TOS? Huh! Well how about that! Well, I had a muffin this morning, so there’s my fiber for the day!