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Account Veficiation Issues

I’m in serious trouble right now.

A few days ago, Fiverr asked me to verify my profile. And I tried it first by my National Id Certificate issued from Bangladesh Government’s website. The document was recognized most of the cases in the country. Even I could open a bank account with this certificate.
However, Fiverr couldn’t recognize this ID certificate, hence, I went to office, and issued Nation wide recognized National Id Card.

Now, in the second time, I took a scanned copy of the ID card and tried again to verify. but, the system mailed me that, it couldn’t verify due to the quality of the image. (I was seriously disappointed). I took a clean copy again, with my Phone, and strengthen it slightly with photoshop. This time, the ID card had more clarity and highly machine recognizable.

So, this is third time I’ve submitted the NID, and guess what happened! Still the system couldn’t recognize my ID, and My account got temporarily disabled. Last night, I have talked to a serious potential long time buyer through Fiverr. We speak the same language, and we are ready to start work. This client is also from Bangladesh, and from a place near me. He was preparing the documentation, and today was the day, we were ready to start. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his contact number, and he didn’t too, since, we thought, we’ll get back to the Fiverr. But, Fiverr is blocking my every conversation, with every client. Even, there are other clients, who are quite ready to make an order soon. But I can’t text anybody! And I think, they also can’t text me.

I’ve sent a support request, to Fiverr around an hour ago, but didn’t hear back. Can anybody suggest anything, to get my account back fast? Or at least for an hour, so that, I can tell the client about my other contact addresses. So that, we can communicate there.

Since, we’ve already talked, Fiverr shouldn’t disable the contact with him. Because we’re already in a communication phase.

Anybody? Any suggestion?


Sharing off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the
Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.

Only Customer Support can help you with this. You need to wait for their reply.

If you type “verifying my account id” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


Hi, I know sharing contact addresses is against the terms of service. Thats why, I don’t do this. And that explains why, I didn’t get any contact information from my client!
However, the Good News is Support Team is very active, and they restored my account!
I thought I would delete this topic, but I’ve changed my mind, the reference might help others :slight_smile:


For verification fiverr accept passport or not ? you have loose time for NID.

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As a bangladeshi fiverr accept passport of not I have applied for NID but not get yet.

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Hi, @farhan_j
I didn’t apply for passport yet, but, would soon look forward for it.

However, with smart card, my verification was done. Though, the system didn’t recognize/couldn’t understand how to read it. But when I reached support team, my account was automatically verified with already submitted NID and photo.

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HI sufian3, I am also facing the same problem. Some day before(2 or 3), fiverr asks for verification. So, I submitted a photo of my id card and a selfie. But they didn’t accept it. So, I tried for the second time. But the same incident occurred. I am attaching a screenshot of the page of second time. After that, I tried to contact the support about this issue. But I couldn’t find any option to do so. Now, I am also in serious trouble. What can I do? Please help. (When the id card was collecting information, I was not beard. But now I’m.


so you are a long time seller who just get a verification ID requirement? Do you think that your ID card clear enough to see?

No, I am not a long time seller. I joined on April. You can see your self. I am uploading the screen shot.

with all do respect bro, I think it is very clear image, but it says temporary national ID card

One of my friend got accepted with this same kind of id card. And the gov didn’t given us the smart id card yet. What can I do about it, right? And also I don’t have other id cards mentioned on fiverr

Can you help me about how to get supports help here?

supports are not going to be here. have you tried to contact them?