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Account Verification Bangladesh

Fiverr told me to verify my account through NID, passport, driving licence … But i don’t have any of this… I have only birth Certificate…
Is there any other way to verify ??
What can i do now??


Then you should contact fiverr support and ask them if they can help you and if birth cerficate can count as an ID.

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but you must have official identification which provided by bangladesh authority. Like i am from india, Basically there are two thing over here 1) Votar id and 2)Adhhar card id that helps me to varify my account. hope you will contact fiverr support and verify that through it.

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Birth Certificates don’t have photos. The only option is National Id Card (NID), passport or Driving liecence. You need to get any of these 3. I can suggest you may work on to get a passport. You can get an emergency passport in 5 days .


Yeah…i have birth certificate and the NID are pending…may be it will take 6month…or 8month…

Yeah…it is the last option left for me…is there any other way that i can verify or can save my account?
And fiverr told me they restricted from offering gig etc etc…
Still then my profile.will be visible or fiverr disable my account??

I did…they told me to verify only 3 ways…NID, Passport and driving licence…

If you failed to verify your identity, Fiverr will restrict your Fiverr account.