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Account Verification issue through personal information


hello … I got a notification that verifies your account in 14 days after 14 days my account will block.I want to ask why need this verification. I already verify it through my email and Phone Number. i don’t have driving license and passport and my CNIC is on the Urdu language. and also I have not a good mobile in which i used and verify the account. what should I do?


If you have verified already please do contact the support team an explain to them, from there you know your next step


i contact them but they did not give me a satisfied answer


Can i upload my documents that are in my national language urdu??


What are they asking you to use in verifying the Account


you account is over… and will never get reinstated… keep calm and find some other alternative… that is the proper solution… don’t waste your time


but why my account is over?i am level 1 seller


it doesn’t matter whether you are level1 seller of top rated seller. Once gone means gone there is no solution for it.


This may be helpful to you:


Do you have knowledge of this ?
I am not understanding why you have posted it that verification means id gone …


Contact Cs. Hope you will get any solution…


Its nothing coz my account gone because I got ID verification and it was over… I am just sharing my experiences… nothing else


Ok got that … You have faced same problem ?..

Did you contacted CS ?


i contact them but they said just to verify it… they did not give me a satisfied answer


Check my previous post you will understand better although it is closed or locked in forum language


The CS will be more than willing to help and I believe there is no reason to worry. I received the same message, telling me to verify my ID within 14 days, tried three times (all telling me that I needed to use a good-quality camera despite using one of the best) and my account was finally restricted. I contacted the CS, explained my problem and they gave me another attempt to verify within 24hrs, all which failed. As you can see, and for my genuine reasons, I was surprised with a message while in town, confused as to what might befell my account, “Congrats, your ID was verified.” My account was restored immediately. Contacting the CS will be the best option if I was to advise you.


If your CNIC is in Urdu language then there is no chance to verify your identity you can apply for Smart CNIC card which is English written or apply for deriving licence.

No you must have high quality camera to verify your identity.