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Account Verification Problem (No IDs)

Normally, it’s not supposed to take a long time but you’ll always meet a lot of people at every center which reduces one’s chances of getting it done and it gets a lot of people pissed off. There was a time I wanted to do it. I went to the center twice. Waited from morning till evening and couldn’t get it done so I gave up on it.
I have no choice but to go again.

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In my country you can’t do anything important withiout a National ID. You do anything to get it, but it’s not that hard to get. Application will take about 4 hours then you’ll get your card after 2 weeks.

But the government has introduced a new card to replace the National ID card; the Huduma Card. A smart card powered by Master Card. By the end of the year everyone is supposed to have their Huduma card since by Dec National ID will be invalid.

Good thing I’ve applied for mine, just waiting fo the text message to go for it.

Funny thing even children over 6 years are applying for it and parents are entitled the responsibility to ensure their kids have applied for the Huduma Number.

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Wow… I think making it mandatory is a really great idea. Even children of 6 years are applying? :open_mouth:
Here also it’s not like it’s totally not mandatory but I haven’t really seen any need to get one so I’ve not really taken it serious. When I opened my bank account, the banks gave me a NIN and that’s what I use most of the times since you’re not actually asked to show your card. What they usually need is the number. Same to payoneer. But since Fiverr’s is different, I’ll try getting the card by all means.

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Update! Got a new ID and my account got verified. Cheers!