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Account violation vs. Level Promotion


About 2-3 weeks ago I got hit with an account violation. A buyer contacted me and asked me to donate one of my gigs (making 1" buttons) to his (legitimate) charitable organization. I didn’t think, and asked him to email me so that I could help him out. Fiverr hit me with an account violation (and I understand why, and to some extent agree).

In the past two weeks though, a new gig of mine has done about 60 sales (and growing at about 10-20 daily). Because of my violation, I cannot be promoted to Level 1 or 2, despite having met the criteria. I’ve contacted support and I was basically told to wait it out.

I’m wondering how long I’ll have to wait to be promoted?


It’s not clear how the mechanisms work in that regard.

This is an unfortunate lesson because clearly your heart is in the right place. In the future, make sure you keep it on fiverr.


Absolutely. I understand and agree with the policy 100%. I’m just doing some pretty serious sales, and I’d like the badge (and the perks) that come along with it. I love this site, so obviously I’m willing to wait it out, I’d just like to know.


My experience on this is that Customer Service is a little vague and will say things like keep it an and check back in a month, etc.

However, you may want to reach out and see. It never hurts to apologize and state that you were seduced by the charity and your newness to the site.