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Account warning! 2nd warning but fiverr told me that this is your first warning

Note: Fiverr disable account after 3 warning.

Yesterday fiverr warn me again after 8 month.
This is my second warning, First warning i got 8 month ago. But in the warning message fiverr told me that this is your first warning.

Anyone can tell me about fiverr warning. As my (8 month ago) first warning count in disabling account after 3 warning or it not count in 3 warning for disabling account.

I also listen on forum that after 60 days fiverr not count warning… As this true. Please let me know. Thanks

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Hmmm hard to say.

Have you considered not violating the ToS?


What were the warnings for? I think 2 of the same warning can get the account disabled but otherwise, it’s normally 3 different warnings that can get an account disabled I think.

There’s this thread (where 90 days is mentioned):

But in your other thread it seems like one of your warnings was given for a reason that CS agreed was an error and shouldn’t have been given.