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Account Warning! And no idea what I did wrong?!


Hi everyone,

I just got an email warning me that Fiverr doesn’t allow linking to external sites and that this warning may affect my eligibility for Levels and such. And now I’m wondering - I have no idea what, where, when I may have done something wrong?

Well, months ago I had a gig that didn’t get approved because I had linked to a document in my Google drive - I removed the link, the gig got approved and that was that. Or so I thought. Could that have been it and they are just now giving me the warning for it? Because otherwise… I mean, customers of course message me links to their websites and such all the time - but that’s allowed, right?

And I’m just a bit worried - I’m getting closer to Level 2 and I wouldn’t want to involuntarily do anything to spoil my chances on getting there…

Any ideas, any suggestions what I should do?





You can contact CS regarding the issue to be certain, include a screenshot of the email notification you go as a reference. With that said, you can’t provide external links anywhere on your gigs, in descriptions, messages unless it’s work related, like a drop box link to deliver work. There would be a chance provided them in a message and someone reported you?

However, the only ones I have been told you can provide (on your profile bio) is YouTube, and Flickr. They can only show your work related to Fiverr, etc. It can’t be any sort of promotion for outside work. Does that make sense? I hope that helps, but take to Customer Service to get complete clarification on what you did wrong, and let them know you have no idea!

In the mean time, I encourage you to read through Fiverr’s Terms of Service located at the bottom of the sites page. It’s not long! It will help you avoid any bumps in the road and provide key information to avoid getting into sticky situations with buyer requesting things from you that are a violate Fiverr’s terms (this can also hurt you, as you can be seen by HQ as working with bad buyers).

Here’s the quote to consider: "A man is known by the company he keeps."

Hope this helps in the slightest way, best of luck! :slight_smile:


One such warning delayed my level 2 promotion by 1 month. #:-S


Thanks, atechkid, that’s exactly the kind of thing I’m worried about.

And a special thanks to thepromogirl, your answer was very helpful. I for example did not know that working with bad buyers might also affect my rating.

Well, your comment reminded me that in one conversation with a customer the name of what probably mighty be seen as a competitor by Fiverr came up. Just the name, no link - but… Maybe that has triggered some sort of alert. The thing is just - me and my customer were by no means trying to somehow circumvent the Fiverr system, the customer just needed an article about sites similar to Fiverr and their competitors…

Ah, well I’ll contact CS and see if they maybe can clear this up…

Thanks for you help, guys!



Well, I just got a lightning fast answer from CS and it must’ve indeed been my mentioning the competitor’s name. They very generously removed the warning from my account and now I know to be a bit more careful. :slight_smile:


Reply to @annmayer: Well that was the case with me. I mentioned one other freelancing website to a client who was giving reference of the work required and it triggered the warning. There should be a list of trigger words compiled.


hey guys well i got the same warning to but i was wonder i am a buyer not sell anything on fiverr why i get warning


Ah, @kjblynx, didn’t know that words like that can also trigger a warning. Definitely good to know!


Yes, it’s true. When you use some keywords, there are some of the warnings that pop up for the account activity. So keep an eye on such keywords.