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Account warning and then banned from search results

I had 5 gigs which dealt with writing reviews for websites, hotels etc, and all of them got “denied”. Big deal. That’s not the problem. The issue is that I got an account warning(and some of these gigs only dealt with WRITING reviews and not actually posting them, which doesn’t break any third-party website policies), and even though I agreed to be more careful next time and completely cleaned out my “controversial” gigs, I noticed that I haven’t been getting any orders. So I check the search results, and what do you know - my gigs aren’t there! I didn’t get any kind of warning or anything and in the gig status it says that they’re visible. So I contacted customer support and they said that I need to be re-approved by an editor. But it’s been two weeks now, and apparently, editors don’t really concern themselves with this sort of thing once they mess up your account. Has anyone else had this kind of issue before and has it been fixed? I’ll be contacting CS again and let you guys know if there’re any updates.

Well When I had problems I got the support very well…

Anyway try changing the title,description etc…and make clear what is actually getting your gigs denied for…the exact reason and then avoid doing it… :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the thing, I deleted those gigs right away(they were denied any way, I couldn’t do anything with them anymore) and I don’t have any other gigs that deal with the same category whatsoever. Basically what I need is an editor to put my gigs back in the search results.

yeah I see what you are telling…Good luck with that…let us know updates…I think support team will help you in this matter positively… :slight_smile:

YOu got orders GOOD GOING

Everything’s fine now, one of the CS guys helped me out.

What did the CS guys do?

Same Problem

same problem here.

i had 1 gig where i write reviews. in the gig i specified that it was a creative writing gig only. this gig was deleted a few times in the past weeks, always stating TOS.

now i see that i have been removed from search.

Hello everyone,

I just receive the message from fiverr “Account Warning!” is that mean that they put me off from using this awesome site with in few days…?

This is the 1st warning mail from fiverr. i’m so scare about it. i would really appereciate if anyone explain it to me.

Is the 1st warning means your account suspended with in few days…?

Please help me guys :frowning:

Thanks in advance

contact CS and ask them, best wishes.